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Consider Adding Network Membership

SEE is proud to announce a new membership feature - the Experiential Education Campus Leadership Network. Professionals who lead or coordinate experiential education for their college/university campus are often "alone" in their work. They are without obvious peers on their campuses and would benefit from a network of peers who are doing comparable work and facing similar challenges. SEE aims to fill that gap by creating the Experiential Education Campus Leadership Network. This is an optional special interest group that can be added to SEE membership.

2023 will be the inaugural year for the Network, and it provides exciting opportunities not only to connect with peers at other campuses, but also to shape the future direction of the Network. Join us!

Experiential Education Campus Leaders Network

For SEE members (regardless of membership type) who are the primary leader/decision-maker for experiential education at their college/university (whether at the campus or system level).


Experiential Education Campus Leaders Network Sign-Up


  • Quarterly Network Zoom meetings to share information, discuss challenges, and build relationships
  • Network listserv
  • Exclusive Network event at SEE Annual Conference
  • Access to resources (documents, manuals, policies, etc.) shared by Network members


Last Updated on Monday, February 06, 2023 09:41 AM