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SEE Commitment to Diversity
“Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is a practice. Equity is the goal.” - Dereca Blackmon

The Society for Experiential Education is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in its membership and program offerings . Our vision is to expand the perspectives shared and voices heard throughout our growing profession so that they are representative of the practitioners and students in the field of experiential education. We strive to improve access to premier professional development, and center the expertise of Black, Latino/a/x, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, LGBTQ and international experiential educators in SEE’s committees, initiatives, and leadership opportunities. 

We also seek to continually learn about and center the experiences of historically marginalized groups by socioeconomic status, social class, first-generation status, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, immigration and documentation status, veteran status, and involvement with the carceral system. It is through this effort we can continue to develop educators’ abilities, and offer rigorous and inclusive experiential opportunities for our students. 

Standing in Solidarity with Black, Latino/a/x, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander LGBTQ, International and all Marginalized Communities

SEE believes in a world that is inclusive in practice and provides equitable opportunity for all. We condemn acts and speech motivated by hate. We will continue making efforts to evolve, lead change, and are fully committed to advancing a culture of anti-racism - decolonizing curriculum, creating accessible experiential education and professional development programs and removing systemic racism and other forms of oppression from our policies, procedures and practices.

Join us in our pledge to:

  1. Amplify the voices of our BlPOC colleagues, throughout the board, committees and programs
  2. Advocate for social justice, equity and anti-racist practices in higher education
  3. Provide current and relevant anti-racist and DEI educational content, resources and events for members to encourage members to create and implement change and make a positive impact in their work
  4. Partner with community and advocacy organizations to form coalitions aligned with our mission and organizational goals
  5. Complete a systemic analysis of SEE’s infrastructure, to ensure all practices, policies and programs are equitable and inclusive, creating a more diverse board and staff for the organization
  6. Conduct and publish research related to anti-racism, equity and inclusion in higher education, experiential education and employment
  7. Assess SEE’s recruitment and membership process to include diverse, equitable, accessible and inclusive engagement and representation
  8. Expand leadership opportunities and the selection process of volunteers to ensure equity and inclusivity throughout the organization 
  9. Collect, measure and report our progress and organizational data with members and our partners

We challenge all SEE members and non-members to commit to the above pledge, as we all work toward a more inclusive space that offers belonging to its participants.

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