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Ensuring Quality in Experiential Education

Academic Journals & Articles
- The Internship Seminar
- Stages of an Internship
- Pedagogies of Uncertainty
- Those Who Understand, Knowledge Growth in Teaching
- Community Engagement and Institutional Culture
- Principles of Good Practice for Service Learning
- Boyer's Expanded Definitions of Scholarship
- The Power of Experiential Education
- Organizing for Learning
- Seven Principles of Good Practice in Undergraduate Ed
- The Scholarship of Engagement
- Taxonomy of Educational Objectives
- Principles of Good Practice for Assessing
- College Learning for the New Global Century

Books and Reports
- Principles of Good Practice in Assessing Experiential Learning
- Assessing Learning, Standards, Principles, Procedures
- Effective Programs for the Marginal High School Student
- The Successful Internship, Personal, Professional, and Civic Development
- Service Learning, Three Principles
- Engaged Scholarship as and Expression of Community Engagement
- NSEE Guiding Principles of Ethical Practice
- Principles of Good Practice for Combining Service and Learning
Assessing for Learning
- Strengthening Experiential Education within your Institution
- Combining Service and Learning
- Defining and Assuring Quality in Experiential Learning
- The Internship as Partnership, A Handbook for Businesses
- The Internship as Partnership, A Handbook for Coordinators
- Scholarship Assessed
- Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad
- Handbook of Analyzing Jobs
- College and University Curriculum
- Outcomes-based Academic and Co-curricular Program Review
- Evaluating Educational Quality
- Boyer Scholarship Reconsidered
- Scholarship Reconsidered, Priorities of the Professoriate
- The Scholarship of Engagement Taxonomy of Five Emerging Practices
- Assessment for Excellence
- Manual of Accreditation Standards for Adventure
- A Taxonomy for Learning

Members Resource Exchange

Press and Media
- Calls for Accountablility Shine Harsh Light on Accreditation
- Presidents are Divided on Best Ways to Measure Quality
- The New Muscle: 5 Quality-of-Learning Projects That Didn't Exist 5 Years Ago
- Texas A&M System Will Rate Professors Based on Their Bottom-Line Value
- Many College Boards are at Sea in Assessing Student Learning, Survey Finds
- As Literacy Declines, Faculty Members and the Media Share the Blame
- Interview with Michael Van Grinsven about Northwestern Mutual Financial Network Internship Program
- Trustees are Pressed to Demand Data About Educational Quality at the Colleges They Serve

Professional Organizations